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Original Telugu web series that related to our daily lives on aha

Web Series are the in thing today. All the OTT platforms that offer blockbuster movies online are also flush with several web series spanning across different genres like action, drama, romance, thriller, comedy, etc. They are immensely popular as they allow audiences to watch shows as and when they wish without being interrupted by advertisements.

In India, the younger generation is highly fed up with repeatedly watching drama shows that depict a royal household with an ideal housewife and an evil lady. Everyone disrespects the perfect housewife despite her excellent behavior and helping nature. On the other hand, despite spending most of her time planning and plotting, the evil lady gets to eat the cake. Quite frankly, this is the same storyline across many daily soaps, and people seem to have had enough of them.

In contrast, a web series provides audiences with mature content rather than melodrama. They quench audiences’ thirst for viewing related to diverse issues and subjects. Another reason why the concept of web series is hugely popular and successful in India is that they constantly motivate us to push our boundaries of imagination and creativity while leaving the burden of virtues behind. Daily TV soaps are strictly monitored and regulated to ensure they depict only moral values and ethics. On the other hand, web series creators have complete freedom to direct their shows according to their vision without worrying about censorship restrictions and regulations.

The increasing popularity of web series has inspired several entertainment channels and corporate houses to develop their own subscription-based OTT platforms like Aha.

Aha is an OTT platform that offers on-demand online video streaming services exclusively for the Telugu audience. Founded in 2020, Aha’s vast collection of online content features movies, web series, chat shows, and other content across all genres. This enormous selection of online content that it offers, combined with its excellent ad-free streaming services, makes Aha a popular and must-have OTT platform for all.

Today’s section features two original Telugu web series streaming on Aha related to our daily lives.

  1. Locked

Locked is the story of a famous neurosurgeon Dr. Anand (Satyadev). One day, two women attack Anand inside his house. A series of crazy events is set in motion when Anand’s colleague and a cop enter his home. The web series is all about why was he attacked, is there a hidden truth somewhere, and how does the attack affect Anand and others?

Watch the show for its gripping premise, dark nature, Satyadev’s mind-boggling performance, and intriguing characters.

  1. Commitmental

Commitmental’s story revolves around Phani (UdbhavRaghunandan), who meets his girlfriend Anu (Punarnavi) and proposes to her for marriage after returning from the USA. A commitment-phobic Anu reluctantly agrees. However, trouble soon starts brewing up between the two because of Phani’s over-possessive behavior and Anu’s drift towards her job and well-being. They decide to call off the marriage. The remainder of the story shows how they resolve their differences and end up together.

The sweet and simple urban rom-com, with fantastic performances, is a must-watch for families.

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Mastis Is Most-Watched Telugu Web Series On AHA

The Telugu film industry is well-known for its colourful and lavish films that delight audiences. The Telugu film industry has mastered the art of offering the ultimate source of entertainment. If entertainment and blockbusters had a hypothesis, it would be that the Telugu film industry has mastered it.The industry is massive, lucrative, and a significant pillar of the Indian film industry economy, with many commercially successful films have produced many superstars.

However, audiences have moved away from conventional entertainment and toward more raw and content-rich films in the film industry. This happened mainly due to the rise of OTT platforms, which produced low-budget films and series with so much content that they sparked a cinematic revolution.

Content and distribution barriers are broken down by OTT channels and streaming platforms, resulting in films and shows that enrage viewers.OTT Platforms and their valuable content have helped pave the way for newer developments that will have an enduring impact on the film industry shortly, adding individuality to the industry.

One such platform is AHA, showcasing a curated list of continents ranging from Telugu web series online, shows, and films. A subscription-only platform, AHA has now included a new show, Mastis. To watch Mastis online, get your hands on the AHA subscription.

Directed by KrishJagrlamudi, Matis stars NavdeepPallapolu, Hebah Patel, BinduMadhavi, ChandiniChowdary, Akshara Gowda, and Raja Chembolu.Mastis is a show interlaced between many individuals’ lives, all having one connection, the lounge bar ‘Mastis’. The bar is owned by Advertising filmmaker Pranav and his wife, Gouri. The restaurant manager, Anand, is deeply in love with one of the bar’s waitresses, Lekha.

Tanya is trying diligently to make it big with her band by performing at Mastis. Among all the racket, the drama twist comes when Pranav commits infidelity on his wife by engaging in multiple relationships, and one of his mistresses is model Simran.

The series revolves around each character’s lives and stories and how the various interlaced relationships fall into place, and how things come together in the end.

The series is new and unique with a western touch. In nature, Matis follows a vibrant depiction of life while handling intrepid topics that wouldn’t have been screened without censorship for normal television.Director and writer Krish has done a marvellous job in lacing every character with equal importance and striking emotions in the storyline. No character is extra, and each has a phenomenal contribution to the plot with good performances.

Pranav plays his character (Pranav) very well and showcases his bad and good side with exquisite balance.

Raja, who plays Anand, is a delight to watch, showcasing his emotions and body language with great precision, and he is probably the best part of the show.

The production values of the series, from the camerawork, set design to the costumes, are high level and adds to the posh and urban set up of rich people and their lives.

If you want to watch something new that will give you a glimpse of posh urban lives, you can watch Mastis web series online streaming on OTT Platform AHA.

Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freaking Laugh

Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freaking Laugh

Hushaaru is a south Indian comedy movie directed by SreeHarshaKonuganti. It is a well-written film that expresses the common youth mindset of this generation and shows how different their goals are to achieve. Hushaaru will be that one type of film you will choose to watch when you need a break from your cooked-up life. It is a perfect representation of a common Telugu young man’s life and you will love the film with the laughs it leaves behind.


RUNTIME: 2 hours 20 minutes

RELEASED: 14 December 2018

GENRE: Comedy, Romance

ACTORS: Tejus, Dinesh Tej, MedishettiAbhinav, Rahul Ramakrishna, Tejkurapati

ACTRESS: PriyaVadlamani, Daksha Nagarkar

OTHER ACTORS: Hemal Ingle, Krishna Kranthi, AppajiAmbarishaDarbha, Ramyapasupuleti

DIRECTOR: SreeHarshaKonuganti

WRITER: SreeHarshaKonuganti

PRODUCER: BekkamVenugopal, Riaz


MUSIC DIRECTOR: Sunny M.R. Radhan, VarikuppalaYadagiri

There are many best comedy movies on aha platform.

Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freaking Laugh


The story revolves around 4 best friends. They never want to follow the path that their fathers’ pressure them with but they want to choose their own. They feel their parents are too stereotypic personalities that they force rub their goals on their children without asking them if they’re interested or not. So, they decided to enjoy their life on their own terms together. The most beautiful aspect of the film is their love stories. There they create moments that they cherish forever in their lives along with the goals that enhance their productivity in the meantime. They will eventually find a good friend in their journey to start a good life who will be supporting them with an investment in their business and be part of them. The humour will burst your laughs out and take you away from your seats.


– All the four actors in the film has a prominent role that made each and every person act friendlier rather than a solo cinematic performance.

– All actresses stood their way up in the film especially Priya Valdmanis, she’s got a great and a beautiful role in the film.

– Daksha Nagarkar acting and her innocence in the film is truly endearing.

– Rahul Ramakrishna has got one of the best characters in the film and his comedy couldn’t be any less. He just gave in his all.

– Natural dialogues made the film look more casual and real just like any other real-time friendly meets.


-Scriptwriting feels so real, natural and funny, not a single thought was given to commercialize the concept.

– Cinematography is good.

– BGM and songs played a major role in setting up the moods and feel of the film.

– Songs are an emotional touch of the film.

– Lyric writer has done a great job to his part in songs.

Many reasons to watch this film Husharu but the one thing that stands out are the characters with such humour and comedic reactions every time just helps to cure the illness of our preconceived opinions on life. It is a must-watch film that should be added to your Watch-list. Watch Husharu movie online exclusively on Aha.