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Contributions for human welfare and health care services

Natural calamities are the adverse situations whenever and wherever can happen. People often unaware of these suffer a lot and may end up losing their lives. One such situation happened in 2000s in Pakistan causing millions of people homeless, orphans and handicapped . There were earthquakes and several floods affecting several innocent population. Most of them were scattered and lost their families and many of them died.

Pakistani government, other international organisations and the people in the country came forward to provide services for those who are affected.

The Dawood Foundation:

The Dawood foundation by Bashir Dawood contributes major portion by conducting Disaster Relief programme. It supports the people who are affected and suffering from the calamities.Provision of essential supplies, food and other amenities to those who are in need. These foundation has been majorly volunteered by Bashir Dawood. They procure food supplies, collect donations, and other necessities and distribute them among the affected people and supported them financially.

Whenever the natural disasters commences, this foundation has been there either be it a drought or fire accident in a village, their support has been a major role in helping those affected population to serve better.

Several other welfare organisations across the world have step forward to support the victims morally and financially.Through their compassion, kindness and urge to support for the needy have crossed the boundaries and even getting volunteers internationally.

Health care services:

Bashir Dawood also contributes for the country’s health care services by giving enormous donations. He always makes an effort to promote health care and fine education that is available for everyone. He provides funding to several institutions and hospitals and pushed their limits to develop advanced and sophisticated technology and skills for the younger generation. From the enormous funding made by Bashir Dawood, the educational institutions underwent many developments including spacious teaching rooms, telemedicine clinics, cardiac catheterisation lab, advanced techniques in learning, phantom head dental laboratory. All these facilities made the institution more popular globally and elaborating their teaching skills making a world class learning destination with profound medical knowledge.Several charities have been come forward and supporting the country all over the world.

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