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How to use Whatsapp Why is it famous?

Whatsapp Messenger is a free online communication tool that is available on both smart phones and PCs. It is a platform to transfer messages to someone you want to when there is a connection between you and them. You can also download whatsapp messenger on your PC, which will be a better replacement if you don’t require your mobile to send a message or to contact or share your location with someone far away from you.

This app contains a plethora of features, some of which are common and some of which are unique to this app.Sending text, images, voice notes, and documents is mostly similar in all apps. But location sharing, end-to-end encrypted messages, video calls, status sharing, and business profiles are unique features of Whatsapp.

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How to use Whatsapp on a PC?

In the past, to link your WhatsApp with your PC, you had to open your PC browser and scan the QR code from your mobile device. Now you don’t need to link your phone to send and receive messages. Instead of it, you can download the latest version of PC Whatsapp that is available in the Microsoft store.

Can I use WhatsApp on two devices?

Yes, you can link your WhatsApp account with four different devices. The messages on the four devices are end-to-end encrypted, so that you don’t need to worry about losing your personal data. Its level of privacy and security is constant when you are connected to multiple devices.

How to start using Whatsapp?

Download the app from the store, open it and agree with the terms and conditions. Then you will be asked to sign up with your number, after entering your number and confirming it. Following that, you will receive a confirmation code and will be able to begin using the Whatsapp service.

On the status tab, you can add some text, a photo, or a video. The posted status will be visible to your contacts for the next 24 hours. You can also customise who can see it and hide it from other contacts. Whatsapp remains in the top ranking because of its simplicity and flexibility it provides for its users.

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