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List of 20 Useful Lifeskills While Dealing With Handyman

We see why you would want to call in the experts for the tough handyman jobs, like wiring a house or installing a septic system. But a guy also has to be handy with tools. It’s still necessary to have some degree of self-sufficiency, even renting a studio or one-bedroom. Know more about local handyman services in Grafton.

You’re also wasting money if you’ve contacted a plumber whenever your sink becomes blocked. But most significantly, taking care of things on your own will boost your confidence and give you a stronger feeling of pride in your house, encouraging you to learn even more handyman skills.

Many men’s fundamental maintenance abilities, such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical, were traditionally taught to them by their fathers; nevertheless, for those who did not get these teachings, here are 20 talents any man should acquire to be the lord of his manor.

handyman in GibsoniaOne, locate a stud

Studs are vertical wall beams that attach large furniture pieces or install flat-screen televisions. Both sides of each window and the walls around switches or outlets should have a stud. Nails pounded into the molding are frequently pushed into the stud, which is another telltale sign. In most cases, studs are spaced 16 or 24 inches apart, making it easy to measure the whole room after you locate the first one.

Second, secure the bookshelf to the wall using anchors

Now that you know where to look, it’s time to employ the stud you found. Bookshelves and other heavy freestanding furniture should be fastened to the wall to prevent them from toppling over in the case of a quake, home catastrophe, or super-athletic sex session.

It will help if you start by locating the wall studs in the area where you want to install the bookcase. You may take a few different approaches here, depending on the kind of bookshelf you’re anchoring and the amount of wear and tear you’re ready to accept. If the bookcase doesn’t have a back, you’re in luck: Install two L-brackets at a distance of at least 24 inches apart, with at least one resting on a stud. Mark the screw holes on the wall and the shelf with a pencil, then make a pilot hole with a hammer or drill. Finally, screw the L-bracket to the wall and the side or bottom of the shelf.

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