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Look at the easiest subject of IGCSE Course

Studying a course is a part of life. For this students have to make the right and effective decisions for their future goals. Having an education in IGCSE exam preparation course is much more helpful for students’ growth. This course consists of the easiest subjects according to the student’s interest. These subjects are simple to learn and understand. Here are the subjects and let us discuss detail about them.


Almost all of the content in geography is common knowledge, so most kids can relate it to their learning in everyday life which makes it easier to learn maths which is composed of complex calculations.

Flim studies 

The popularity of flim studies is no surprise, since it involves watching flims and setting up lighting and cinematography and other elements.

Media studies

Media studies are one of the engaging subjects for students which are filled with debates and insightful discussions. What’s more in today’s media-driven times, it is highly relevant and easy to grasp.

Hospitality and Catering

This subject involves both the theory and practical aspects. Students will learn about the industry, including elements such as financial viability. Students will also prepare dishes, which have their appeal to many teens.

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Business studies

Business studies focus on the different kinds of Businesses that are run by considering several factors such as law and finances. It includes a high level of maths which is not difficult to learn.


This subject is taught according to the student’s natural talent. The subject consists of Practical demonstration which allows students to express their ideas and emotions.

Physical education

Physical education is popular among students because it includes sports activities such as football, badminton, etc. The grade level is based on performance. It also includes topics of fitness and exercise.

Design and technology

The children can learn in IGCSE exam preparation course about the new technologies, materials, and creative things in this subject that do not need complex maths or science.


There are many topics covered in this subject including poverty, crime, and types of families. Children should be able to prepare well and learn the concepts, practice past papers, and know how to write.

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