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Culture of Italian food is has very long tradition and  it is built up many years ago. Every dishes and drinks dessert has its own identity . All this elements will allow to prepare a meal which is the sum of its parts casual Italian restaurant Singapore and flavors are added as a food compliments  All the portion of the dishes can be enjoyed by the entire family friends and crew and best part is all theses Casual Italian restaurants are very affordable with the prices and there is no compromise in the quality of the food and one should experience the best and high quality coordination of the Italian Cuisines and trust us they would have mind full of satisfaction before leaving the restaurant

As we all know Singapore is one of the best place to have Italian food and they have plenty of Italain restaurants than any other cuisine  in malls streets and the restaurants you can find multiple varieties of Italian food like Pizza, Pasta , trattoria or cantina etc.The best part is they have concept of Open Kitchen which is one of the industrial modern and most of the  dishes that are very innovative and tradition.

Everyone should try the casual Italian restaurant Singapore were you can happily come in get the best mouth watering Italian  food and trust us they would not disappoint you.You can also reserve your seat by calling them and also ask them to prepare your favourite Italian dish before you enter the restaurant with the family.

They have cafe/bar and a menu of delicatessen mostly it contains the Pizzas, pastas with veg and non veg dishes and desserts like tiramisu, pannacotta  etc and we must definitely try the sauce made with the fresh tomatoes and other ingredients

casual Italian restaurant Singapore they take pride preparing and serving the  pasta and pizza dough and the best part is they are hand made, Pasta are prepared daily to use in the variety of the dishes as well as to store in its delicatessen.

They make sure to keep every batches of  Pizza dough to be left for more than 36 hours that helps to improve the flavour and considerably increase in the texture.

We would never get disappointed with the Italian food taste and quality along with the affordable prices some of the pastas are topped up with the yummy mushroom cream sauce that deft the coats the pasta and trust us you will be overwhelmed by its taste and taste buds will be teased with the different kind of sauces especially with the velvety that allows you chew which deepens in flavour

A group of people can dine communally  and get the different kinds of menu which consists of medium, regular extra – large pizza’s with the healthy ingredients we have to appreciate the  quality they maintain and all can afford the prices

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