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What Does Critical Illness Insurance Singapore Offer?

Though you may have life insurance as well as health insurance, you may still find the need to cover more of your hospital expenses. Especially in the unexpected cases of critical illnesses. This is exactly why different places have insurances to cover such illnesses.

But you must be aware that the illness that you have may not be considered critical under the policy that is covered. So here are the basic things you need to look for while getting critical illness insurance in Singapore.

What Is Considered As Critical Illness?

It is not new to anyone that conditions such as heart attacks and heart strokes will be considered critical illnesses under every insurance policy. Even if the insurance does not cover any other critical illness, these two conditions are always covered.

One other illness that is covered by all these insurances is the different types of cancer. Though not all cancer types will be included in the policy, the most common ones are always included. To know more about the illnesses covered, you must go through the policy details. Only if you think the necessary illnesses are covered, opt for the policy.

critical illness insurance Singapore

Do You Need This Insurance?

Getting a serious illness is never in our hands. Yes, you may have many other insurance types to cover your hospital bills, but can they cover all of the expected insurance. Suppose you had already used your previous insurance for the year and cannot revive them until next year, this insurance will serve as a backup through the rest of the year.

They may not cover common illnesses, but the kind of illness you may get may not be a common one either. Some of these conditions occur without giving any symptoms or the symptoms are received too late. You cannot wait for your other insurances to revive before going for the treatment.

What Should This Insurance Cover?

As the name suggests, the insurance must cover the expenses of a critical illness. The illness has to be quoted in the policy details to be able to claim the insurance. So you must look for a policy that covers most of the illnesses. The premium amounts may be much higher than the other insurance premiums but this is only because they cover a much larger portion of the bills.

According to a survey, around 37 illnesses are covered at most by these critical illness insurance Singapore.

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